Friday, August 19, 2016

Par for the course

I get WIFI internet for free. I called the only provider for this area because I would like to pay for guaranteed service. They require a credit card. I only use prepaid visa on the net. Had I not told them it was prepaid we probably wouldn't have had an issue. The representative asked her boss who said no.

If I try to use another national provider they just connect me with Frontier, our local monopoly.

I'm wondering if the Americans with disabilities act would have any usefulness. I'm going to talk to a lawyer (who happens to be related to both my partner and the founding family of this town. This makes him a good partner to have.)

The kicker is my free WIFI is provided by this monopoly!

Also there could be damages because they are preventing me from implementing my product.

This should be fun.

None of this prevents me from continuing to write my code. I just need others to test. Working blind isn't that big a deal for me. I used to edit out of state code without a wysiwyg editor (ever code dBase using edlin and a 300 baud modem?)

I also worked for a short time with a literally blind Shearson Lehman BAL programmer in one of the twin towers before they came down in NYC. I could only do my edlin trick because I'd memorized 10,000 lines of dBase code. I really don't know how that blind programmer did it with BAL other than he used a line editor with text to speech software. I never knew how many lines he was working with but my impression was... a lot.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Would you like tires with that?

I have to visit or call mom once a week or she gets a little panicky and comes by. She's too old for that so I usually visit when she's out on her porch around midday. Today the neighbor asked how I was and I told her about being stuck on my project. "You still working on that?" I had shown her an earlier version I'd written last year in a different language. "You should work on a new project." That's when I told her, I could, but it's a bit like making cars. I can make all different types, but then I'd have to ask the title question.

Dad (step-dad) is a Mexican version of Mayberry's Floyd the barber. He shuffles along and his hearing is bad but he works his 3 customers a day at the barber shop. He's got the classic roman nose so mom swears he's an Italian. He loves spaghetti westerns, so whenever some famous Mexican actor (yeah, they have those) comes on the screen, especially if really dark skinned he'll call out to mom, pointing at the screen and say, "Hey, another Italian actor." Then mom will say, "noooo, that's just another dumb Mexican." The whole family here in AZ is Mexican, so that's a big hit with some.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Does Hillary have Parkinsons?

Server blues

I still can't make a connection between my computer at home and my server but all the SQLitening software is working correctly. Server logs show that others can make the connection. I'm pretty sure my own computer has it's port open through the firewall but I'm wondering about my wifi connection? I'm not sure how I'm going to test that?

It's time I canceled my first server contract since I'm not going to be using it. Goddady has two levels of firewall protection. One I have control of, the other I don't but I got the right port opened for me and it's working so i'm going to keep my Godaddy server until I figure out how to get SQLitening working from my home machine.

Also I'm going to reset my first domain back to the Google DNS. I never should have listened to about setting it to their DNS. At the time I was just following their directions since I didn't fully understand how it worked. As McCoy might say, "I'm a computer programmer Jim, not a technician."

Friday, August 12, 2016

Just begging for a fisking...

...this article is.
During a 33-year career...
Why do they always start by trying to prove how unbiased they are when the whole point of the article is to explain their bias?

First he starts with a pure assertion. Hillary is highly qualified and Trump is not and dangerous to boot. (There's your politics of fear Bob.) I can respect that as long as it's backed up with solid evidence. It isn't.
I never saw her bring politics into the Situation Room.
What does that mean? How the hell does he know what her political calculations are? If he's trying to say she's not a political beast, a derisive snort is about the only sensible reply. How about Trump then?...
  • "self-aggrandizement" Now there's a rare thing for a politician. /sarc.
  • "overreaction to perceived slights" Perceived? He's been attacked with a fury that only a biased media can ignore. So is the writer advocating that America just bend over and take it as we did when the Iranians captured and insulted our sailors and country?
  • "decisions based on intuition" A powerful tool for many good people.
  • "refusal to change his views based on new information" A lie. Trump chooses which positions he's firm on and has been scolded for those he is not. Even those he is firm on can alter when more facts are brought to bear. Do we want somebody that blows in the wind with every unconfirmed random bit of news?
  • "carelessness with the facts" Nevermind that he's usually right if inarticulate.
  • "unwillingness to listen to others" Another fat lie. He built his fortune listening to other, but coming to his own conclusions. Ignoring truthful arguments has been the democratic trait. Look up unwillingness to listen and you'll see Obama's picture (with McCain patting him on the shoulder.)
  • "lack of respect for the rule of law" Laws often made by people that lack moral principles. These people routinely exempted themselves from the very laws they use as weapons against the American people. Where is the respect for law that keeps Hillary from being behind bars! These are howlers, folks.
[Trump] is already damaging our national security.
How does this pure assertion stand scrutiny? Ever heard of the Clinton foundation? This is way, way, way beyond a howler. This is an ear splitting screamer.
Putin played upon Mr. Trump’s vulnerabilities by complimenting him.
Unlike Hillary, who actually made us vulnerable by not protecting national secrets.
"Putin is a great leader"
Yes, by many standards he is. Acknowledging that doesn't mean he isn't evil as well. A leader is someone who has followers (by any means.) All the evil men of history were great leaders or we'd have never heard of them. Trump will unabashedly negotiate for an American advantage with every world leader. Hillary has already demonstrated treason for which she will never be held account.
In the intelligence business, we would say...
This from an agency that hasn't always demonstrated its allegiance to American interests in recent years.
"undermined security with his call for barring Muslims"
So vetting immigrants now undermines security? Does he work for THAT MONUMENT TO PUBLIC SAFETY, the TSA?
"many Muslim Americans play critical roles in protecting our country"
Great. What does his have to do with vetting immigrants? If you're having trouble coming up with the answer, the answer is absolutely nothing. They are two different groups of people. However, some Americans are also terrorists (but somehow these work related, or nightclub, incidences seem to escape their notice.)
"[I] call it as I see it." 
With a blindness that is so far beyond astounding that it boggles the mind. Every accusation he's thrown at Trump as a possibility is a damning reality a thousand fold with Hillary as far as national security goes.

Update: Upon reflection, I'd have to say this is one of the best articles for choosing Trump over Clinton. Great job, CIA guy.